Donate to our appeal for school places in Zambia

£ 9,370

We have raised £ 9,370! Will you help us reach our target of £ 15,000 and support Inclusive Education in Zambia?

Leonard Cheshire believes that everyone deserves to live, learn and work whatever their ability.

Yet, for a large number of children with disabilities around the world, education plays no part in their lives.

With our inclusive education programme, Leonard Cheshire is changing this, and you can help us too. More than 30,000 disabled children have now gone to school thanks to our local projects. Our success is now extending to Zambia where many children and families still need support. Without it, lack of education means these children can face an uncertain and isolated future.


Donate today and help us enable more disabled children to go to school in Zambia. 

A gift of £10 - Could go towards providing teaching materials to equip teachers to support a child with disabilities

A gift of £15 - Could go towards assistive aids helping children with disabilities to learn in an accessible way

Donations change lives

'I don't know what I would have become if I'd not been in school'

Helen faced the stigma of being disabled and was left out of school and hidden away. Without an education, Helen’s life would have been one of isolation, fewer prospects and extreme poverty.

Our Inclusive Education team was able to assess Helen's needs to better understand what support she'd benefit from at school. We provided her with adjustable crutches, so she could walk, and physiotherapy to improve the strength in her legs.

Ensure no disabled child is denied an education

Sophie is acutely aware of the situation for young disabled children in Africa: “As someone with a disability I believe there is no greater casualty of such prejudice and discrimination than disabled children.

Across Africa, children with physical, sensory and intellectual impairments are being left behind, and often even the simplest solutions can make all the difference. Where these solutions matter most is in schooling, without which generations of disabled children will fail to live the life they deserve"